The future of PCMCIA support

A few days ago johnm and I completed the new pcmcia support in linux-mod.eclass, officially deprecating pcmcia.eclass.

This required a small change in the currently available sys-apps/pcmcia-cs ebuilds to install a snapshot of the configured pcmcia-cs source in /usr/src/pcmcia-cs/pcmcia-cs-build-env.tbz2 – a tarball which will be used by linux-mod.eclass when building external pcmcia modules for kernels with CONFIG_PCMCIA=n.

I am currently working on a new and improved pcmcia-cs-3.2.8 ebuild which will likely be split up in app-laptop/pcmcia-cs and app-laptop/pcmcia-cs-modules in tradition of our external kernel module ebuild policy. Hopefully this version will fix some of the many bugs listed in the pcmcia-cs metabug

The real future of PCMCIA support in Linux is, of course, pcmciautils. This is a small set of user-space tools and scripts which allows PCMCIA cards to be handled by the sys-apps/hotplug subsystem. The addition of this package to portage is covered in bug #84234. We’re waiting for a required patch for sys-apps/module-init-tools to be accepted by upstream before we do any further, or we might end up having to maintain this patch by ourselves forever.

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