Version bump: sys-apps/pcmcia-cs-3.2.8

I have just added sys-apps/pcmcia-cs-3.2.8 and the split out sys-apps/pcmcia-cs-modules-3.2.8 to portage – please test and report any bugs to bugzilla. Hopefully this will be the last major release of pcmcia-cs – next up: pcmciautils.

To clarify:

  • If you are using linux-2.4.x you should disable the in-kernel CONFIG_PCMCIA drivers but enable support for the needed sub-systems such as CONFIG_NET_RADIO and use the modules from sys-apps/pcmcia-cs-modules – and the user-space utils from sys-apps/pcmcia-cs.
  • If you are using linux-2.6.x you should use the in-kernel PCMCIA drivers along with the user-space utilities from sys-apps/pcmcia-cs.
  • When linux-2.6.13-preX is out you should consider switching to the yet-to-be-added pcmciautils, deprecating sys-apps/pcmcia-cs all together.

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