How to irritate a Gentoo developer

Here’s a good way to irritate a Gentoo developer:

* Read on a mailing list that some driver was just released in a new version
* Wait 20 minutes
* File a bug report about Gentoo not having the newest version of the driver available in portage

Come on – developers read the mailing lists as well. For this particular project I even work closely with upstream on fixing bugs and providing patches, and anybody following the project closely would know this. New versions have always been added to portage within hours, if not minutes, after the release.

Rule of thumb for all those impatient end-users out there: Part of being a Gentoo maintainer of a package in portage is to watch for new releases, and update the existing ebuilds for these. If a new version of a package hasn’t made it into portage within a week of it’s public announcement, please file an enhancement request.

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