Yay! Laptop back – Nay! Laptop still b0rken

Sigh. This is just not my year, it seems…

This morning I finally got my laptop back from repairs, however… The cardboard box was all taped over with “Resealed by the Mail Service” indicating the box had not had a safe journey through the mail system.

Oh, well – I thought – the laptop itself was neatly tucked away inside tons of air-filled foam, it should be safe. But of course it wasn’t. When I tried to boot it up, the exact same failure as when I sent it in for repairs (no BIOS screen, four beeps at bootup) was still present.

I immidiately sent an email to the shop who did the repairs – only to be told “Please send it in for repairs again”. Sigh. Yet another two or three weeks without a laptop/development machine? Why couldn’t they have sent the laptop marked “Handle with Care”?

This is clearly not my year.

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