Wish list: GPS receiver

The mobile herd has traditionally been the maintainer of GPS (as in Global Positioning System) related packages in Gentoo Portage, but unfortunately, no one in the mobile herd currently has access to a GPS receiver to test with.

About five months ago I opened a meta-bug (#90848) for keeping track of all the GPS related bug reports and enhancement requests currently in our Bugzilla – before I reassigned them all to the maintainer-{wanted,needed} aliases. I also had a position for GPS packages mantainer added to our staffing needs page and notified the gentoo-dev@ mailing list of us being short of a GPS maintainer.

To this point, nobody has stepped up to take the position of GPS maintainer, so I’d like to put out a wish list for a GPS receiver (preferably a Garmin GPS with USB connection) so that I can maintain these packages myself.

Should you wish to donate such a device to me, please contact me.

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