Laptop Repairs, take III

Friday I finally received my IBM X31 in the mail after it was repaired for the second time in a row. This time it even booted when I turned it on! Hooray! But my celebration was short-lived. Mere minutes after I had turned it on it crashed and died – same problem as when I sent it in for repairs in the first place. Sigh.

I immediately phoned the shop who did the repairs and asked for an explanation. Luckily (for them, that is) they accepted my proposal of getting a new laptop instead of them trying to repair the broken motherboard a third time. So today I shipped my otherwise trusty IBM X31 to the shop one final time (fingers crossed) – hopefully to receive a new X31 by mail within days… Good thing this laptop is under a 3 year warranty!

Oh, and hopefully my Internet connection at home will be restored tomorrow, so things are starting to look bright again :)

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