New hardware received

Yay! Pete was kind enough to send me two IEEE 802.11 CardBus cards all the way from the U.S.: an Atheros AR5212 based Proxim card and a PrismGT ISL3890 based Netgear card. These will be of great help when testing wpa_supplicant and hostapd, both packages which should have support for either of these cards.

Of course, I will also look into providing more up-to-date (and hopefully better, which shouldn’t be too hard taken the last couple of versions into consideration ;) ) ebuilds for both madwifi-driver and prism54 – and try to solve all the fuzz we recently had with madwifi support under Gentoo.

A big thank you to latexer for making this possible! :)

Update: also a big thanks to SuperLag for sponsoring the Prism54 card to latexer in the first place ;)

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