Request for testers – new madwifi snapshot

Using the Atheros card sent to me by latexer, I was finally able to put some work into getting proper madwifi support in Gentoo Linux. I have created ebuilds for a new SVN snapshot (r1328-20051120) of both madwifi-driver and madwifi-tools and cleaned up the ebuilds somewhat.

Madwifi-tools now installs an udev rules file for automatically running wlanconfig when a new device is added. The prior preup()/postup() solution didn’t work properly with wpa_supplicant, which can take the interface down/up in the background.

Speaking of wpa_supplicant; I have also made a new revision of the wpa_supplicant-0.4.7 ebuild to reenable madwifi support. I have tested this against an access point using WPA-PSK TKIP, and it Works For Me ™. Now I just need to figure out why my Atheros card wont connect to an AP on channel 13 – `iwlist ath0 channel` shows channel 13 just fine…

Anyways, I’d really like some testers for the new madwifi-driver, madwifi-tools and wpa_supplicant ebuilds before I stick them into portage. They can be found in my portage overlay – both positive and negative feedback will be appreciated, just post a comment or contact me on IRC.

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