Low cost 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer

Just stumbled across a new low cost ($99) USB 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer called Wi-Spy. Mike Kershaw, the author of Kismet, is developing a set of opensource tools for this device called wispy-tools. A spectrum analyzer would greatly help me in debugging the various IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN drivers I maintain in Gentoo Linux (ipw2100, ipw2200, hostap-driver, madwifi-driver, …).

Unfortunately, the company accepts U.S. orders only, which makes it impossible for me to buy one, since I live in Denmark. So… if you live in the U.S. and feel like donating me such a device, please drop me an e-mail at brix@gentoo.org.

Update: Ryan Woodings, president of MetaGeek, LLC, has donated a free Wi-Spy device to me :)

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