Recent discovery of a hey, look a bird!

Since I have a notoriously bad short-term memory, and since I’ve switched from using my Motorola A920 mobile phone slash PDA to the much lighter Motorola E1000 (which unfortunately has a rather sucky calender function) I recently set out on a quest to find a calender application for *nix which doesn’t suck.

In my terms “doesn’t suck” means “must be able to run in a console” and “mimics cal(1)”, which I use on a daily basis. Much to my surprise, I actually found one that fit those demands: GNU Cal, alsa known as app-misc/gcal. It looks like cal(1) but it is much(!) more feature rich. 324 page manual for a cal(1) replacement, anyone?

Anyways, after reading through the fine manual and setting it all up I’m very happy with it. Must be the first non-sucky calendar application I’ve used on *nix, apart from cal(1) of course. GNU Cal manages my day-to-day appointments, the national and international holidays, birthdays, recurring appointments, moon phases – you name it.

If you haven’t already tried gcal, I highly recommend that you do. After setting $GCAL=”-x -K -s1 -e -d” you can just call `gcal` to get normal cal(1) output, `gcal .+` to get the calendar sheets for the next three months, `gcal -m+` to list the rest of your appointments for the month, `gcal -M+` to include non-occupied days as well, `gcal -w+` for the rest of the week, and so on… You can even set up a cron job to run `gcal -w+ –mail` and read a list of this weeks appointments in your morning e-mail. Great stuff.

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