Seeing that Project Sunrise was made official I’d like to resign as a Gentoo developer.

Thank you to all the developers and users who have made the last two years a fun period of my life in OSS. You all know who you are. I’ll miss you guys and gals.

I wish the remaining developers good luck with keeping Gentoo Linux among the top GNU/Linux distributions out there.

I can be reached at henrik<at>brixandersen<dot>dk should anybody have any questions to the ebuilds, I used to maintain. Sorry about dumping the ebuilds on the people who kindly took over when I announced my present hiatus – but I’m sure you’ll do a good job at maintaining them.

I have an unfinished draft for a pcmcia-cs to pcmciautils migration howto sitting in my home dir – I’d appreciate if someone would step up and finish it.

So long and thank you for all the fish,

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