EuroBSDCon 2007

EuroBSDCon 2007 starts in a few days. It will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark this year, so my travel time is greatly reduced compared to last year (where it took place in Milan, Italy).

EuroBSDCon 2007

I am especially looking forward to Sam Leffler’s talk about long distance wireless networks, Robert Watson’s talk about FreeBSD security features and Kirk McKusick’s talk about the BSD fast filesystem – and, of course, networking with other *BSD enthusiasts.

Erwin kindly offered me a ride on his bike to get there, so hopefully the weather gods wont be too agry the next couple of days ;)

Oh, and remember to bring two government issued photo IDs if you want me to sign your PGP/GPG key or a CACert Web of Trust form.

See you in Copenhagen!

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