System monitoring wallpaper

Several people have asked me about the system monitor running on the root window of my ThinkPad X60s’ X11 desktop – not many of them had spotted that is was actually just conky with an advanced configuration and a custom wallpaper:


My ~/.conkyrc can be downloaded from here. The panel at the bottom center is from FluxBox, my window manager of choice. The panel to the left is fbpager, a desktop pager for use with FluxBox.

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  1. Sorry, I can’t do that – the graphic which I used for creating the centre wireframe model of the X60s is not my property. I copied the basic structure from the X60s Hardware Maintenance Manual.

  2. Hi guys,
    this is really great idea!!

    It’s so great that I had to make a Wallpaper for my T60 ;-)
    Hope you like it. Well I think I’ve made a good counterfeit of the orginal he? ^^
    It was really hard work, I sat there 6 hours in front of my lcd and now I know every pixel of the picture by name :)

    You can find everything (Wallpapers & .conkyrc) for 1680 x 1050
    on my Homepage…


    If you have a Question or something…write me.
    So for now I wish you all a Merry Christmas,

    Greeting from Germany,

  3. Hey Christoph; great background for the T60. I am going to use it, but you left the .conkyrc file out of the tarball.



  4. Hi Chuck,
    I’m glad you like it.
    Well the “.conkyrc” File is in the tarball but it is a hidden file (because it is named .conkyrc not just conkyrc).
    You have to enable “Show hidden files” to see it…
    Or just type “ls -lah ” in the console to see it…

    Have a nice Year of Astronomy 2009 :)

  5. hi, all
    you did god work

    i have a problem here, conky run, since it’s set to root (own_window=no) then it’s cover apps’ window
    when conky updated, active window will blinked
    this is run continuously

    anybody know the solution?
    thank you

  6. I had thought of something similar to this. I did a search for “conky fullscreen” and came across this page. I was inspired by the wire-frame desktop idea. Thank you for the inspiration and the conkyrc to get started with!

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