One Month of iPhone 3G

Having had my iPhone 3G for a month now, I think it’s time for a quick status report slash review slash list of annoyances – in no particular order:

Missing Status Bar Icon for Ringer/Silent Switch
A minor thing, sure, but I can not count how many times I have missed an SMS notification or an incoming call simply because I’ve forgotten to turn the ringer back on upon leaving a meeting. Of course, the switch on the side indicates the current ringer mode, but a visual indication in the top status bar on the display would be nice.

Occasional Crashes
More than a few times when the iPod application was playing music and Safari was busy downloading or scrolling a heavy weight web page, my iPhone crashed or locked up hard – requiring a manual restart (holding down Home and Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds) in order to get back to working condition. Rather annoying. [Update: This seems to have been fixed by update to iPhone OS 2.0.2]

Inconsistent Screen Locking
Locking the screen while the iPod is playing does not lock the volume keys on the side – often resulting in the volume keys being activated by accident while the iPhone is tucked away in my pocket, which is quite annoying. It would be nice to be able to configure this behaviour. Also, double-clicking the Home button while the screen is locked still brings up the iPod controls (if this feature is enabled in Settings) – again, it would be nice if it was configurable if the screen lock should disable double-clicking as well.

Lack of Calendar Synchronization
For some reason, Apple does not (yet?) allow third party applications to access the calendar on the iPhone, and since the built-in calendar can only synchronize with MobileMe and Exchange over the air, this leaves the calendar application pretty much useless if you do not use either of those for your calendar. I’d love to see the calendar opened either opened up for third party applications or at least a way to synchronize the calendar using less … ahem … expensive solutions (e.g. the calendar on my iPod Nano can read a standard *.ics file – the iPhone e-mail client can read a *.vcf file and import its contents into the Contacts application, but it can not open an *.ics file).

Despite the above annoyances I am still quite pleased with my iPhone 3G. It is by far the most advanced mobile device I have ever had, and it beats the features of my previous mobile phones with several lengths. I hope – perhaps I’m just being naive – that the rumoured 2.1 firmware will address some of the above mentioned issues.

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