My RepRap Prusa – Iteration 2

In August last year, I was swept away by the idea of the Open Source/Open Hardware Replicating Rapid Prototyper, or RepRap for short. The RepRap project is a community effort to create a 3D printer capable of self-replication.

I first encountered the idea behind the RepRap at our friends at Labitat and shortly thereafter began self-sourcing the materials needed to build a Prusa Mendel v1, which – at that time – was state of the art within the RepRap community.

During the Fall and Winter, I managed to complete my Prusa Mendel build, and shortly before Christmas I had my first working 3D print!

For more photos of some of the items, I have printed on this machine, visit my Thingiverse page…

I have since then begun updating my RepRap to the Prusa Mendel Iteration 2 design, based on linear LM8UU bearings. The conversion is 66% done (X- and Y-axis are done, Z-axis still using printed PLA-bushings).

Stay tuned for posts with the small hints and tips, I have picked up while building this amazing machine!

3 thoughts on “My RepRap Prusa – Iteration 2”

  1. Hej,

    Jeg overvejer at bygge en prusa mendel v2.
    Kan/vil du hjælpe med de printede dele, uden at det koster en trelænget ??

    Har du iøvrigt kendskab til andre interesserede nord for Aalborg ??


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