How to irritate a Gentoo developer

Here’s a good way to irritate a Gentoo developer:

* Read on a mailing list that some driver was just released in a new version
* Wait 20 minutes
* File a bug report about Gentoo not having the newest version of the driver available in portage

Come on – developers read the mailing lists as well. For this particular project I even work closely with upstream on fixing bugs and providing patches, and anybody following the project closely would know this. New versions have always been added to portage within hours, if not minutes, after the release.

Rule of thumb for all those impatient end-users out there: Part of being a Gentoo maintainer of a package in portage is to watch for new releases, and update the existing ebuilds for these. If a new version of a package hasn’t made it into portage within a week of it’s public announcement, please file an enhancement request.

Updated Soekris net4801 HOWTO

I’ve just updated my Soekris net4801 HOWTO for linux-2.6.12, which includes the patch I wrote for determining the Configuration Block address at run-time. The HOWTO can be found at .

Edit: The HOWTO can now be found at

New kernel source: sys-kernel/suspend2-sources

Today sys-kernel/suspend2-sources, which has been living in my portage overlay for many months, finally made it’s way into Gentoo portage. The new kernel sources consists of genpatches and Software Suspend 2 and is targetted for laptop users who needs better suspend-to-disk support than the current in-kernel implementation of software suspend.

On a side note, Nigel Cunningham submitted the Software Suspend 2 patches to LKML for inclusion earlier today. Hopefully sys-kernel/suspend2-sources will be short-lived…

IBM ThinkPad APS Accelerometer Interface

Finally it seems we have a break through in writing a Linux driver for the accelerometer found in several IBM ThinkPads. Mark A. Smith, an IBM employee, has written a detailed article on how his [unreleased] Linux driver for the APS accelerometer works, and Benjamin Reed shared this information with the people on the hdaps-devel mailing list.

While Mark is not permitted to release his driver source, his article contains detailed information about port ranges and which values to read and write to which port. If the information is accurate and complete, this should be enough to get an open source Linux driver going…

The future is here: pcmciautils

The needed changes to the in-kernel PCMCIA subsystem for allowing hotplug to handle 16bit PCMCIA cards was merged into linux-2.6.13-rc1 – and I have just added sys-apps/pcmciautils to portage, finally closing bug #84234. A big thank you to Dominik Brodowski for the initial ebuild – and for the package itself.

If you want to try out this cool new feature, you’ll have to unmerge pcmcia-cs and emerge pcmciautils – and if your card needs a CIS override you should set USE=”cis”.

Please report all bugs to Gentoo Bugzilla.

My desktop^Wlaptop

Ok – I’ll bite. Here is my “desktop” of the day:

The desktop of brix

Besides my trusty IBM ThinkPad X31 you can see my TI-89 graphing calculator, useful for all those base conversions… todays use includes calculating which device class to use for the BlueZ stack. Oh, and the roses are a nice touch, don’t you think? The photo was taken with my brand new (and free!) Motorola E1000 UMTS mobile phone :)